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To join fontshare

1) Comment HERE that you have read the community rules, specifically that you understand every Font REQUEST MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A RECCOMENDATION. Seriously yo, this is NOT a complicated rule and it goes to the heart of what this comm is about.

2) Join. Your membership will not be approved unless you have commented as outlined above.

Failure to post a Recommendation for EACH request will get you booted.

First time offenders MAY reapply, following the steps outlined above.

SECOND timers will be banned immediately.

01) No non-font-related posts. Your post must contain either a font recommendation, a font request, or your font list for requests. For font rec's and font requests, you must copy one of the forms provided below:

<B>Font Recommendation</B>
<b>Font Name:</b>
<b>Font OS Platform:</b>
<b>Link to Font:</b>
<b>Recommended for:</b>
<b>Any other font recommendations (in the same family)?</b>

<B>Specific Font Request</B>
<b>Font Name(s):</b>
<b>Font OS Platform:</b>

Any posts without one of the items above will be deleted.

02) Fonts can uploaded onto personal servers, YouSendit (send it to your email and then post the link up), or one of the listed file storage services below. Do not direct-link to any files unless they are on your own personal server.
03) No promotion of other communities.
04) When filling font requests, you must reply to the INITIAL post. Please don't create a new post just to fill someone's request (this just creates unnecessary posts).
05) As mentioned above, if you choose to request a font, you must recommend one for every font requested. Vague requests ("Any fonts that are readable tiny for icon use") must include at least two recommendations.
06) More than 3 recommendations/requests must be behind an LJ-cut.
07) Everything is friends locked.

Helpful: If you're requesting a font, indicating the font creator or font foundry (if you know it) may help members locate your font and increase the chances they'll be able to find it for you.

Before you ask, "What is that font from...?" Please check with WhatTheFont, or ask for identification in fontaddicts.

Web Storage
YouSendIt Size Limit: 1gig. Download Limit: 25
MegaUpload Size Limit: 250 MB
SaveFile Size Limit: 60 MB Subscription required.
RapidShare Size Limit: 50 MB
ShareBigFile Size Limit: 1024 MB

questions should be directed to oulangi or nardasarmy
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